Cantieri Navali Genovesi

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tel: +39 010 6511384



Via Luigi Cibrario, 1

16154 Genova


We offer high-quality services for large-size vessels and yachts

Located in Genoa, Italy – one of the historic capitals of the sea and the centre of the Ligurian Riviera – Cantieri Navali Genovesi (CNG) is a shipyard specializing in refits and maintenance of vessels and superyachts up to 50 metres.

Thanks to a modern and efficient infrastructure, specific equipment and expert staff who are highly specialized and available, CNG offers a broad range of services, from small repairs to large refit projects.

The works are all performed in-house and the staff of experts is capable of meeting every need, from simple painting to the most complex refit, with technical skills, experience and flexibility.

The berthing facility includes 70 berths dedicated to boats ranging from 6 to 27 metres and a quay equipped for superyachts up to 50 metres.

The shipyard is equipped with a ship chandler store, constantly supplied with products from the best brands and consumables for the key maintenance projects on board. Many products can be purchased directly from the companies.

The works

Vessel haulage, launch and shifting

The shifting operations are performed with modern and safe equipment (400 t travel lifts, 300 t and 60 t trailers and 100 t pick & carry cranes).

Full antifouling painting

The operations are performed on the hull and its appendages (cleaning, discing, sanding, painting, zinc supply and replacement), through the exclusive use of high-quality products from main national and international brands. The shipyard is equipped with a purification plant for hull washing water.

Painting and polishing

The partial or complete painting processes of the topside are performed with the utmost care and with the highest standards of finishing touches.

Teak decking restoration

The carpentry department enables us to perform all works of new creation, repair, modifications, replacement of teak gumming and the complete overhaul of the interior furnishings.

Specialized mechanical works

Mechanical works are performed on shafts and propellers, stabilizer fins, anchor winches, capstans and pumps.

Large-scale hull carpentry

Cantieri Navali Genovesi personnel are specialized in all structural interventions on the hull and superstructures, in steel and aluminium; only certified materials and qualified welders are used.

Plumbing reparations and interventions

Interventions are carried out on all shipboard plumbing systems.

Maintenance and modifications of electric and oleo-dynamic systems

Maintenance work, retrofitting and modifications of electric systems are performed; Megger insulation resistance testing is carried out with the support of certified instrumentation.

Opening, decontamination, washing and cleaning of the tanks

Cleaning, decontamination and washing of the tanks included in the internal paintwork are performed.

Mechanical service on the motors

Repairs and fine-tuning are performed on all main engines, generators and outboard motors. The The mechanics and technicians are specialized in diesel motors and all boast an in-depth knowledge of the main manufacturers.

Fibreglass, carbon, composite material processing

All processing on fibreglass, carbon and composite materials (fiberglass, aramid fibres and carbon fibre) is performed.

Dismasting and masting up to 40 metres

The infrastructure is laid out for operations of masting and dismasting of up to 40 metres.

The berths

Cantieri Navali Genovesi boasts 70 berths for sailing and motor yachts, ranging from 6 to 27 metres.
Small and mid-size boats are hosted at two floating docks equipped with all the necessary facilities.
A quay is specially equipped for superyachts up to 50 metres, awaiting haulage and/or laid-up to have operations performed directly in water.


Electrical supply and hook-up
Freshwater supply and hook-up
Uplift and disposal of ordinary and special urban waste
Hook-up and disposal of blackwater/greywater
Hook-up and pumping of seawater

For operation of air conditioning/heating system with boat ashore.

Wi-fi connection
Availability of test plates
Night surveillance
Showers and bathroom facilities
Collection and shipment of parcels

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